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The principle of cupping

01 1 cupping can adjust the balance of yin and yang, relieve fatigue and enhance physical fitness. It is a common treatment tool for the elderly at home. It can also be used by children. Cold and abdominal pain can be used for cupping. When you are fine, you can also pull cupping, have negative pressure and
02 2 There are several cupping cups. Generally, we usually use glass cupping. Glass cupping is one of the most traditional medical instruments in medical treatment. It is a pumping tank. The pumping tank is made of plastic. It is not easy to be broken.
03 3 cold cupping can eliminate headache and body pain, runny nose, mainly take the wind pool, Dazhui, Waiguan points, and abdominal pain can be effective in the points of Zhongmu, Tianshu, Guanyuan, Qihai, Pishu and Weishu.
04 When you cup the cup, you can't move it. You should lie down and you can't catch the wind. You must pay attention to not being able to cup in the same part. If you have a cold, you don't need to pull the cup when you have a high fever. Women and menstruation during menstruation and more than four months.