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What should we pay attention to when eating breakfast?

After a night's sleep, we lose a lot of water in our body. We should drink a glass of water first after getting up in the morning. This can not only make up for the water we lost yesterday, but also clean our intestines. But we need to pay attention to not drinking too much water after eating.
02. Breakfast in the morning must be light, too greasy food is not good for our digestion. And it will also increase our gastrointestinal burden, try to eat less fried food, fried food in addition to causing our gastrointestinal burden, but also lead to the emergence of high blood fat. If you really want to eat too much, then only once a week.
03 Breakfast, so-called breakfast should have a time limit, the best time to eat breakfast is 7-8 in the morning. This is because at this time I recognize that my appetite is very strong, and the time between breakfast and lunch should be 4-5 hours.