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How to regulate mild anxiety disorder

01_Self-regulation methods of mild anxiety disorder mainly include explanatory method: because most anxiety patients have anticipatory anxiety, they have anticipatory fear of future anxiety attacks. If patients can actively cooperate with psychologists and listen patiently to the doctor's explanation of the nature of the disease, it will help to reduce the psychological burden and prevent the occurrence of anxiety disorders.
02_Self-regulation methods of mild anxiety disorder mainly include relaxation: relaxation therapy is a method to teach patients how to relax their muscles and emotions. Patients can eliminate misconceptions by learning and mastering the methods of breathing regulation and relaxing the muscles of the whole body. This has a good effect on the patients with anxiety state seizures. Under certain conditions, relaxation training can be carried out under the detection of biofeedback therapeutic apparatus.
03. Self-regulation methods of mild anxiety disorder mainly include finger pressure therapy: it is said that finger pressure on many acupoints helps calm the body and calm thinking. Consult a professional pressure doctor. The effectiveness of finger pressure on specific areas depends on the underlying causes of anxiety.
04 Shout loudly: In public places, this method may not be appropriate. But when you're in some places, such as a private office or your own car, yelling is a good way to vent your emotions. Whether you shout or scream, you can release your anxiety in time.
05 Keep adequate sleep: More rest and adequate sleep is a good prescription to alleviate anxiety. This may not be easy, because tension often makes it difficult to fall asleep. But the less sleep you get, the tighter your mood will be and the more likely you will be to get sick because your immune system has weakened.