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What is the arm numb?

01 1一: Considering cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylosis is a serious disease that seriously harms the health of the workers. It has various manifestations. It mainly has pain in the back of the neck and shoulders, acidosis, weakness of the upper limbs, and limbs.
02 2nd: The hand numb is probably caused by the compression of the cervical vertebrae. For the cervical vertebrae to compress the nerve, the ligament around the posterior cervical joint is loosened by the bladed needle, and the position of the cervical joint is adjusted by hand to achieve the non-compressive nerve.
03 3 Third: arm numbness may be caused by cervical compression nerves. It may also be caused by peripheral nerve compression. You can do neuromuscular examination of numb arms. Now apply nutrient nerve drugs such as Mi Kebao.
04 4 Fourth: The numbness of the general arm is caused by the local blood circulation caused by the compression of the nerves or blood vessels of the cervical vertebra. It is best to go to the hospital to check your cervical vertebrae, and then diagnose the specific cause of the disease.
05 5F: This phenomenon is usually related to peripheral neuropathy or cervical spondylosis. It is necessary to find out the cause. If the same posture is used for a long time, there may be numbness of the finger, appropriate activity, and some nutrient nerves if necessary.
06 6 Sixth: The symptoms of the hand and arm are not ruled out by the nerves of the cervical spondylosis. Look at the bone surgeon physical examination, if necessary, need CT-assisted examination to confirm the diagnosis. Cervical spondylosis treatment generally needs to take massage, traction, acupuncture