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Six tips to help you care for the health of your uterus

01_Reduce high-fat food - high-fat food promotes the production and release of some hormones, and the formation of uterine fibroids is related to a large number of estrogen stimulation, adhere to a low-fat diet, to drink more water, avoid spicy, alcohol, frozen and other foods.
02 Don't hold your urine --- From an early age, we were told not to put up with internal urgency, because it would cause metabolic waste to be re-absorbed back into the body. Recent studies have shown that when internal urgency is tolerated, urine residues are easily deposited in the bladder, causing urinary tract infections. Women's urethra and vagina are very close, urinary tract infections can easily spread to the reproductive system, causing inflammation. When the bladder expands, the uterus will be oppressed to a certain extent.
03 less use of whitening products -- WHO survey found that many beauty salons in order to pursue the "quick white" effect, in the self-made so-called "natural" mask and other products to add a large amount of estrogen, will make the uterine wall toughness decline, become weak. If you have to go to a beauty salon, you can bring your own maintenance products, so you don't have to worry about the hormones in the products exceed the standard.
04 Pay attention to keeping warm - the uterus is afraid of cold, we should pay attention to keeping warm for it. "Palace cold" is most likely to occur during menstruation, experts suggest that the monthly physiological period do not eat raw and cold food, it is best to make the body slightly sweaty, the uterus will not feel cold.
05 Don't sit too long --- Surveys show that OL has a 21% higher rate of endometriosis than housewives. Because more than 70% of OL sit in the office for more than 6 hours every day, sedentary and lack of normal exercise, resulting in dysfunction of Qi and blood circulation, endometrial tissue proliferation, endometriosis.
Clean Sexual Life - When a man's mucus enters a woman's body, the cervix will produce certain adaptability, but when there are too many kinds of mucus, the cervix will lose its adaptability and inflammation will occur accidentally. In addition, if it is unclean sexual intercourse, the uterus is the first victim, pathogens can enter the uterine cavity through the vagina, causing endometrial infection.