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How to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder most effectively

No fear of failure. Let oneself become not afraid of failure, should tell oneself, how to fail, a failure will not be a permanent failure, the experience of failure does not mean that your life is a failure, because frustration experience is a good education. We should know that many successful people come out of many failures. It is because of these failures that they find the right way.
Open your heart and communicate with others. Many obsessive-compulsive disorder patients regard their illness as a secret, burdening themselves silently, constantly torturing themselves, as if to admit that the illness will be lower than others. Keep these secrets in your heart for your self-esteem. As more and more secrets grow, they will swell up and become mildewed. If the spiritual world is not released, it will explode like a pressure cooker and destroy itself one day. The patient may as well communicate with the people around him more, don't be afraid of being misunderstood by others.
03 Try to accept imperfections. Many obsessive-compulsive disorder patients like to pursue perfection, often because of this let themselves into pain. So try to accept imperfections in self-treatment, consciously exercise yourself in this area, such as staying in a room that is impossible to clean up for a few days, need to realize that dirty, imperfect will not destroy your life.
Make yourself a sense of humour. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder should find more humorous things to relax themselves, cultivate their sense of humor, and experience more unexpected and interesting places in the world. Imagine a dull and happy life is also very good. Don't ask too much for yourself. Always cling to the unrealistic requirements. We should enjoy the present more and feel the happiness in life.
05. Learn to relax. Often in a state of tension, it tends to make oneself worse, and easily lead one's brain into a dead cycle of thinking. So patients should try to relax themselves and see what they are forced to do easily. You may as well take part in physical exercises in peacetime, so that your body can be active at the same time you can get a good relaxation, after a good sweat, you will lift comfortably.