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Anemia is easy to cause without meat.

01_Excessive dietary fiber leads to excessive loss of calcium, which accelerates the passage of food through the intestine and reduces the absorption rate of calcium. Studies have shown that calcium (magnesium, zinc and phosphorus) can be negatively balanced in adults'diet if they change from lean bread with low fiber content to crude bread with high fiber content per meal and then take in other foods with high fiber content.
02 Anemia is caused by eating meat and eggs. Nowadays, most children prefer to eat all kinds of meat instead of vegetables and fruits. Parents also believe that as long as children eat more meat, fish and eggs rich in iron and zinc, it doesn't matter whether they eat vegetables or fruits. The result is that the child's weight is staggering upwards, but the test results are often iron deficiency anemia. This is because only lean meat, animal viscera and yolk are consumed in the diet. Although the total amount of iron is not small, iron is not easily absorbed by human body due to the lack of vitamin C provided by vegetables and fruits.
03 Calcium-phosphorus imbalance "driving away" the imbalance of calcium-calcium-phosphorus ratio is the main culprit of calcium deficiency. Normally, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in human body is 2:1. However, in real life, people consume too much phosphorus-containing foods, such as carbonated drinks, cola, coffee, hamburgers, pizza, wheat germ, animal liver, French fries and so on. The phosphorus intake often exceeds 10 times of calcium. In this way, too much phosphorus in the diet will desperately "drive" calcium out of the body.
Long-term smoking and drinking will destroy the absorption of vitamins necessary for human body. Smoking destroys vitamin C, a nutrient that prevents cancer and heart disease. Half a pack of cigarettes a day can destroy 25 to 100 mg of vitamin C in the body. Drinking more than one cocktail a day will consume vitamin B1, B6 and folic acid. Vitamin B1 deficiency is also common among alcoholics.