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Carrot Milk Should be Drinked Frequently in Three High Groups

For people with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, due to dietary control, medication, dyspepsia, hypothyroidism and other reasons, it is easy to cause the lack of vitamin A, which further aggravates the health of the body. Drinking carrot milk often not only helps to reduce the "three highs", but also improves immunity and prevents colds. Drinking carrot milk in winter is especially beneficial.
Domestic and foreign studies have shown that beta-carotene can not only reduce blood pressure, blood lipid, blood sugar, beauty, anti-cancer, defecation and anti-aging, but also improve immune function, lung function and upper respiratory tract anti-infection ability. Carrot is rich in beta-carotene, which is the precursor of fat-soluble vitamin A. Only in fat environment can beta-carotene be converted into vitamin A in vivo, thus playing a series of nutritional and health functions.
03 Carrots and milk play a role of one plus one over two in the golden partnership. Milk is rich in fat and carrots together, can fully provide the body with a good fat-soluble environment, promote beta-carotene faster and better conversion to vitamin A.
04. To make carrot milk, 500 milliliters of fresh milk, 50-100 grams of carrots and 25 milliliters of honey are needed. First, the carrots are washed, cut into pieces, steamed in a pot, and put into a food mixer; then, milk and honey are poured into the mixer, covered, and thoroughly beaten and crushed, and then poured into a cup for drinking. Hot drinks in winter and cold drinks in summer.
05 Honey is also a healthy food with very high nutritional value. It works with milk and carrots. It is not only rich in nutrition and pleasant taste, but also more importantly, it solves the problem of partial nutrition of fasting milk through intestine. For the "three high" people, a cup of carrot milk, a boiled egg for breakfast, and a small amount of staple food can ensure their main nutritional needs. The proportion of milk, carrots and honey can vary from person to person.
06_It should be noted that people with high blood lipid and blood sugar and cancer patients should add more carrots when making their own carrot milk to enhance their health care effect. For patients with lung cancer, in addition to increasing the proportion of carrots in carrot milk, one or two spoonfuls of milk powder can be added to improve their protein content, making it a high-protein, high-vitamin carrot milk.