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How to Control the Attack of Anxiety Disorder

01 Control of anxiety attacks should pay attention not to always feel inferior, to learn to believe in themselves: self-confidence is the necessary prerequisite for curing nervous anxiety. Some people who have no confidence in themselves are doubtful of their ability to accomplish and cope with things, exaggerating the possibility of their failure, thus worrying, nervous and fearful. Therefore, as a neuroanxiety patient, you must first be confident and reduce inferiority complex. This treatment of anxiety disorder can build up the confidence of patients to cure.
02 Control anxiety attacks should pay attention not to excessive tension, to learn self-relaxation: the so-called self-relaxation is when you are in a good mood, to imagine some possible dangerous situations, and then let the weakest situation first appear, and let these situations repeat, when you are here. If you don't feel anxious slowly in some situations, you can stop. This can also improve the condition in this area.
03_Attention should be paid to self-reflection in life when controlling the attack of anxiety disorder: a large part of the reason for suffering from anxiety disorder is that patients in their ordinary life always overwhelm themselves with certain emotional experiences or desires, so that it lurks in their unconsciousness, resulting in disease. Symptoms, therefore, we should learn to self-reflection, understand the subconscious pain and their friends or relatives to tell, so that can also improve anxiety.