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How to Help Psychological Patients

01_What is family psychotherapy Family psychotherapy is psychotherapy for "family" objects. Family therapy is characterized by focusing on interpersonal relationships among family members. In the theory of family psychotherapy, family is a group, which needs to be understood from the perspectives of organizational structure, communication, role playing, alliance and relationship. This theory holds that in a family, the behavior of any member is influenced by other members, and the individual's behavior also affects other members. This closely related chain reaction can lead to many so-called morbid family phenomena, while a person's morbid behavior. It is also often maintained to meet the psychological needs of other members. From this point of view, we should change the morbid phenomenon or behavior. We should not only treat individual members, but also the whole family.
02_Family Psychotherapy Purpose Family Psychotherapy aims to assist a family in eliminating abnormal or pathological conditions so as to perform healthy family functions. This kind of health is mainly manifested in two aspects. There is a sound "family structure". There is proper distribution of leadership, organization and authority within the family, and there is no scattered or authoritarian phenomenon; the roles of members are clear and appropriate, and there is no abnormal alliance. Good communication. It can maintain the effectiveness of communication; members have emotions, provide emotional support to each other, and can work together to cope with difficulties; have a common sense of "family identity" within, and appropriate "family boundaries" outside.
03_Family psychotherapy family members should pay attention to the problem because psychological counseling and psychotherapy require visitors to be able to participate in the whole process, so it is particularly reminded that family therapy requires family members to voluntarily participate in the counseling process. For example, family psychotherapy for enuresis, parents should take their children before treatment, and they need their children's consent. Children who are forced or deceived will not be treated well.