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How big can you open your eyes?

How big can you open your eyes? This is a question that needs to be well discussed. Opening the corners of the eyes means moving a knife around the corners of the eyes and removing some excess skin. If this kind of operation is performed under the condition of imperfect development, it will undoubtedly bring us serious sequelae. So if we are too young, we must not operate easily, or we will regret it too much. So how long does it take for a person to have surgery to make the corners of his eyes bigger? Now let me tell you.
Men don't open their eyes until they are 20 years old. Because when a man is 20 years old, all the tissues of his body, especially the skin, are well developed and have a strong immunity and recovery ability, so this is the most suitable time to do an eye-opening operation.
Women don't have surgery until they are 18 years old. Why can women operate earlier than men? This is because women mature earlier than men, and their bodies grow faster. At the age of 18, they can absolutely withstand the breakage of skin tissue, so they can be operated on at the age of 18.
It is also important to note that middle-aged and elderly people over 45 years of age are not able to perform corneal surgery. At this age, the various tissues of the human body have begun to degenerate, if forced to open the corners of the eyes, it is likely to cause malignant inflammation, and their skin is also beginning to relax, vulnerable to greater damage.
So we can know that only people between the ages of 20 and 45 are qualified to open their eyes. If you are not in this age group, you should not try easily, or you will hate life for damaging skin health.