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How to Relieve Psychological Stress

01 For drug treatment, I believe that readers and friends will not feel strange. The most common clinical cure for mental illness is antidepressant western medicine, common drugs such as tricyclic and tetracyclic. The renewal of Western medicine is very fast. When patients buy western medicine, they mainly follow the principle of good curative effect and few side effects. When patients take treatment, they must take it under the guidance of a doctor. They must not increase or decrease at will.
02_In the choice of drug treatment, the psychological counseling of patients can not be ignored. Drug plus psychotherapy is the most effective method at present. Psychotherapy plays an irreplaceable role in the treatment of mental and psychological diseases. It can dispel the psychological shadow of patients, establish treatment beliefs and prevent the recurrence of diseases.
03. Comply with the doctor's advice, it is the only way to treat diseases, we must bear in mind. In addition, the progress of TCM therapy in recent years has increased the success rate of psycho-psychological disease treatment, and it is safe, non-toxic and side effects, does not produce dependence, and can gradually stop taking after cure. Moreover, TCM therapy can treat both the causes and the symptoms, and prevent the recurrence of the disease as much as possible while curing the disease.