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Declassification of the Treatment of Anxiety Disorder

01_Increasing self-confidence is the necessary prerequisite for curing neurotic anxiety. Some people who have no confidence in themselves are doubtful of their ability to accomplish and cope with things, exaggerating the possibility of their failure, thus worrying, nervous and fearful. Therefore, as a neuroanxiety patient, you must first be confident and reduce inferiority complex. You should believe in yourself. Every time you increase your self-confidence, your anxiety will decrease a little, and you will regain your self-confidence, that is, you will eventually expel your anxiety.
02 Self-reflection Some nervous anxiety is due to the patient's depression of some emotional experience or desire to the unconscious, but it has not disappeared, still lurking in the unconscious, so it produces symptoms. When you get sick, you only know about pain and anxiety, but you don't know the cause. So in this case, you have to reflect on yourself and talk about the painful things in your subconscious mind. If necessary, it can vent, and the symptoms can generally disappear after vent.
03 Self-relaxation is the release from tension. For example, if you are in a better spiritual state, imagine all possible dangerous situations, and let the weakest situations appear first. Repeatedly, you will gradually think of any dangerous situation or the whole process is no longer experiencing anxiety, then it is terminated.
04_After the onset of self-stimulating anxiety neurosis, the brain is always cranky, restless, puzzled and painful. At this time, patients can use self-stimulation to divert their attention. For example, when you have a fantasy, find an interesting and attractive book to read, or engage in intense physical labor, and forget the painful things. This will prevent other illnesses from occurring, and at the same time enhance your adaptability.