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It’s better to drink more with something to hangover.

01 1Recommendation: Eat persimmon to help break down alcohol. Persimmon is a fruit rich in fructose and vitamin C. It has been used as an effective food to prevent drunkenness and eliminate hangover. The astringent ingredients contained in sweet persimmon can be
02 2 Eat more shellfish because it can strengthen the detoxification of the liver. In the nutrients of shellfish, the protein content can be compared with eggs, and because it contains balanced essential amino acids, it will not burden our liver.
03 3 honey, rich in fructose and glucose. Honey can not only hangover, but also has a good auxiliary medical effect. When we drink too much, honey will protect the liver well, provide nutrition to the body and relieve dizziness.
04 Before drinking, you should pay attention to some problems. You should drink at the ideal speed at the ideal speed. Don't drink too fast. It should meet the speed of the liver. Drink water to balance the body's water. Wake up the next morning with excessive drinking.