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How to overcome nervous blush

01 Clear up the order of the various scenes that can cause your blush, in order of light to heavy, and then copy them to different cards. Place the scene that does not make you blush at the front, the one that makes you blush at the end, and the cards are arranged in order.
02_The relaxation training method is to sit in a comfortable seat and breathe deeply regularly to relax the whole body. After entering the relaxation state, take out the first of the above series of cards and imagine the situation above. The more vivid and vivid the imagination, the better.
03. Breathing deeply and relaxing again. If you feel a little uneasy and blushing, stop and forget to imagine. Take a deep breath to relax yourself again. After complete relaxation, reconsider the situation of the failure just now. If restlessness and blush occur again, stop and relax until the situation on the card doesn't make you restless and blush again.
04 Enter the next scene and proceed to the next scene (the next card) in the same way that makes you more uneasy and blushing. Note that every time you enter the imagination of the next card, you must imagine that the last card you no longer feel uneasy and blush as the standard, otherwise, you can not enter the next stage.