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Do you have the bad habit of drinking soup?

01 The essence of soup is in soup, pure soup is just like ordinary people think that after stewing, the nutritional essence of soup is in soup, so soup is good! Actually, whether it is chicken soup, beef soup, fish soup, etc., even if it is boiled for several hours, the soup is very rich, the protein of soup is only about 6%-15%, and more than 85% of the protein nutrition is still there. It's the meat itself. It's a pity to drink soup without eating meat.
02 The order of serving Western-style soup at the end of the meal is to drink soup first, then main course and side dish; Chinese food is to put soup at the end of the meal. Because at this time has been full, and then drink soup easily lead to overnutrition, resulting in obesity and soup will dilute gastric juice, affecting the digestion and absorption of food. Therefore, the first soup than the last soup, healthy and weight loss effect.
03 To drink hot soup, the highest tolerable temperature of human oral, esophageal and gastric mucosa is about 60 degrees Celsius. It is easy to cause mucosal damage when the temperature is above 60 degrees Celsius. Loving hot soup will increase the risk of esophageal cancer. It is suggested to wait for the soup to cool slightly before drinking the soup, which is healthier.
04 Drink soup quickly and quickly, until the consciousness is full, may have eaten too much, easy to lead to obesity. Should drink soup slowly, not only can fully enjoy the taste of the soup, but also give food digestion and absorption of sufficient time, and in advance produce a sense of satiety, not easy to gain weight.
If the type of soup is high calorie, high salt, high prin, you can not drink more, especially those with gout, kidney disease and hypertension, you should avoid drinking these soups. Generally speaking, people can drink a little soup slowly while eating, based on the principle of comfortable stomach.
06. Soup soaked rice is eaten with soup soaked rice. Because the rice soaked is soft and easy to swallow, it is often swallowed quickly without chewing, which increases the digestive burden of the stomach and will cause stomach disease in the long run. Therefore, eating soup and soaking rice is unhealthy.
07 Dinner time is the most relaxed meal, dinner soup is the best time for three meals soup nutritional value is higher, if dinner soup, close to bedtime, very easy to lead to obesity. Eat soup at lunch and absorb the least calories. Therefore, in order to prevent obesity, may as well choose to drink soup at noon, and dinner should not drink too much soup.