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Recommendation of anti-aging cosmetic food

Chinese cabbage is a common vegetable, but you should not underestimate it because it has a lot of nutrition, vitamin A, E and zinc elements, as well as anti-oxidant carotene, which can help detoxify, nourish the face and also help acne.
02_Apple is a wonderful fruit. It is rich in vitamins and pectin. It can help intestinal peristalsis and promote body metabolism. It can mix fresh apples into paste and apply it on face. It can be washed with saline after 15 minutes. It can help to treat pimples and freckles.
03 pear is a very good fruit. It has a lot of moisture to help replenish water. It can also promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, clean the teeth and so on. It can use the pear to make a mask with yogurt, adhere to the face for fifteen minutes, help treat acne, and can also shrink the hair pores.