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How can children eat healthily in summer?

In summer vacation, parents still need to pay attention to the requirement that children eat and rest regularly and regularly, not indulge because of holidays. Attention should be paid to proper exercise and regular exercise to avoid overnutrition or malnutrition, and more importantly, to avoid disorders of work and rest and meals. Make sure your child has breakfast, because it's hard to get the nutrition from lunch or dinner. At the same time, dinner should not be too rich, avoid high-calorie food, try to focus on vegetables, melons and fruits; in addition, try not to eat high-energy night snacks, really want to eat, should also focus on milk and fruit. Dietary structure should be diversified, and adequate fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals, eggs, milk, fish and other foods should be rationally matched in three meals a day to maintain a balanced nutrition.
02_Traditional Chinese medicine believes that children should be given more food which can clear away heat and dampness because of the hot summer and the increasing humidity. Among them, summer ripening fruits and vegetables are the best choice, such as watermelon, balsam pear, black plum, strawberry, tomato, mung bean, cucumber and so on. Summer is best for children to eat light, easy to digest, less greasy food. Summer is the peak season of fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, lentils and other substances rich in vitamin C, carotene and inorganic salt. These vegetables can be used to make cold dishes and add garlic puree in the dishes, which is both cool and delicious, and helpful to prevent intestinal infectious diseases. Adding vinegar to dishes can also increase appetite. May as well let children drink some fresh squeezed watermelon juice, orange juice, but fruit juice should not be drank in large quantities before meals, easy to cause a reduction in food intake, also should not drink large quantities of water or cold drinks before meals.
03 During the summer vacation, many parents will prepare lunch for their children beforehand. At noon, the children can use the microwave oven to heat themselves. However, reserved meals also have a certain degree of attention, parents for the children's lunch is best made in the morning, and stored in the refrigerator, it is best not to leave cold vegetables. Supercooled water and food should be reminded that children should be kept at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes before eating, especially when they feel particularly hot, they should not eat anything too cold immediately.
Summer is the hottest season of the year, sweating a lot, many people are used to drink beverages as water, and this practice is easy to hurt the body, especially for children's growth and development and physical disadvantage. For example, carbonated drinks are composed of water, carbon dioxide, sugar, essence and pigments. Many bottled fruit juices, sweet drinks, flavors, colouring and other additives are also more. Many drinks only contain sugar and belong to "empty energy", which is also very bad for children's tooth development, easy to cause tooth decay, and also easy to cause children to gain weight. Therefore, in summer to drink boiled water, parents should first take the lead in drinking more water, set an example for children.