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How to adjust the pores on the face?

01 1 Girls with large pores must pay attention when choosing skin care products. They must choose those skin care products that are relatively refreshing and can play a certain oil control effect. In fact, as long as the oil control work is done well, the problem of large pores will be
02 2 Many girls have such a misunderstanding that I don't wear make-up, so I don't need to use makeup remover, but we all know that our environment is getting worse and worse, so makeup remover can play a deep cleansing role, thus solving
03 3 Especially in the summer, when the pores are thick, it will produce a lot of oil, so pay special attention to the diet, you can drink some tea, and pay attention not to eat chili and other foods, because it will increase the pores on the face, oil control
04 When choosing a skin care product, girls must choose the class that suits them. Don't influence their judgment because of price problems. Love your skin, it should be intentional, and the price is high. It doesn't matter!