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Little Angel's Knowledge of Calcium Supplement

If they are short of calcium, they tend to slow down their physical development, which can lead to rickets. So the most important question for many mothers is whether the cherubs are calcium deficient. So how do you tell if angels are calcium deficient? Let me introduce you.
First: If your little angel is breastfeeding, you don't need to consider calcium supplementation for six months. You just need to ensure that you take vitamin D400-600 units a day. If your little angel is fed with milk powder, there is no need to supplement calcium in 6 months, just calculate the content of vitamin D in the milk powder you drink every day, and then supplement it according to the difference.
Second: 6 months later, the angels, because the angels continue to grow, as well as the addition of supplementary food. If all aspects of nutrition supply is balanced, then there is no need to consider the problem of calcium supplementation. Blind calcium supplementation will only cause the burden of angels.
Third: Increasing exercise can help to absorb calcium deposits. Angels running and jumping are helpful for calcium deposits. So Mommies should take our dear little angels outdoors more, but remember not to expose themselves to the sun.
Only when the angels are short of calcium, can they be supplemented with calcium. Don't blindly supplement the angels with calcium, it will only bring them extra burden.