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"Seven Essentials" for College Entrance Examination Students

01 To make up for it skillfully, but not quite. Some candidates review very hard, but their appetite is not good. They tend to suffer from abdominal distension and do not think about diet when they eat such greasy tonics as hoofs and longans. At this time, it is very suitable to boil some Chinese yam and jujube porridge. Another example is that ginseng is a great tonic, but if you are suffering from cold and misuse ginseng, not only can not play a strong role of ginseng, but will delay the treatment of cold.
02 Gill should be suitable for seasonal conditions in winter when it is cold, warm food such as mutton, eel is more appropriate. At the turn of spring and summer, with the increasing temperature, it is not appropriate to eat more hot tonics. Cooling tonics such as duck meat, sea cucumber, Lily and white fungus should be prepared to nourish and dispel summer heat. Ginseng has the function of exciting the brain and activating the thinking ability. It is suitable for taking it in the morning, so that it is energetic during the day and has good learning effect. If taken at night, it may affect sleep. And eating a bowl of lotus seed and jujube soup at night will calm the mind and make the candidates sleep well.
03. Radix Pseudostellariae and Radix Astragali are both Qi-Tonifying drugs, but their usage is different. If the mouth is dry, the stool is dry, belongs to the thermal constitution, can use the Prince Ginseng porridge Qi nourishing Yin; if afraid of wind and cold, susceptible to colds, can use Astragalus porridge temperature Yang. If they do the opposite, they will have side effects. Walnut kernels and yam are tonic foods. Walnut kernel contains 40% to 50% fat oil, protein and vitamins, kidney tonifying, waist and knee strengthening, asthma asthma asthma and bowel moistening. And Chinese yam tonifying the spleen and stomach, benefiting the lung and kidney can stop diarrhea. Constipation people should eat walnut kernels, do not use the opposite.
04 Attention should be paid to the combination and compatibility taboos of Lycium barbarum L. for tonifying the kidney, nourishing the essence and nourishing the liver and eyesight, but sex (warmth) is sweet, calm, and people with severe internal fire should not take it. White chrysanthemum awakens the brain, calms the liver and brightens the eyes, but the taste is sweet, bitter, slightly cold, Yang Qi deficiency can not be taken. Then, mixing the two to make tea not only balances the partiality of the ingredients, but also complements each other.
05 Attention should be paid to the nervous re-examination, the body will inevitably appear discomfort. Cough and asthma patients should not eat seafood, such as hairtail, yellow croaker, although these fish contain a lot of calcium, phosphorus, protein, but the heterogeneous protein can cause further allergies. Similarly, people with flu and swollen throat can not eat tonics such as longan and litchi. These warm foods will add fuel to the fire and aggravate throat congestion.
Attention should be paid to the right amount of people need nutrition, but overdose will be harmful to health. Some parents are so eager to love their children that they forget all about it. There was once a parent who took wild ginseng in excess dosage on the eve of college entrance examination. As a result, the candidates were sleepless, hungry for food and hung up for emergency treatment because of a large bowl of radish soup. Therefore, under normal circumstances, each person takes 3 grams of raw sun-dried ginseng every day, stewed in water, which is a more reasonable dose. If the appetite is normal and the spirit is stimulated after taking it, it can be gradually increased, up to 9 grams per day can be used. Nourishing the body should be long and thin water flow, a mouthful is not fattening.
Attention should be paid to comprehensive nutrition, three meals a day, normal and reasonable diet is the main source of nutrition, is the most routine supplement. We must pay attention to the reasonable and comprehensive nutrition of the food with three meals a day. Those instant noodles, hamburgers, sandwiches and so on, some are mainly starch, some are mainly animal food, which contains incomplete nutrition, can not be used as a daily diet, too much intake is harmful to the human body.