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The effect and effect of sour plum soup

01 1 The first one is that the sour plum soup is not only sweet and sour, but also has the effect of appetizing and replenishing water. It is much better than those of carbonated drinks. Although the sour plum soup tastes sour, it is an alkaline food. If you eat more acidic foods,
02 2 Then there is the protection of the stomach and intestines. In summer, the bactericidal ability of the gastrointestinal tract is relatively weakened. In addition, people generally like to eat cold food in summer. If you don't pay attention, it will easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea. So you can drink a little bit of sour plum soup at this time.
03 3 There is also the liver and stomach. Usually, those who have a strong liver should pay more attention to drinking sour plum soup. It can not only reduce liver fire, but also help our spleen and stomach to digest and nourish the liver. In addition, sour plum soup is still a natural throat medicine.
04 Finally, we have to say that at room temperature, sour plum soup is very easy to deteriorate. If you see a thin foam floating on the surface, it means that it has deteriorated and can not be drunk. If the sour plum soup can not be finished, it is best in the refrigerator.