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Learning Seven Brain-tonifying Diet to Help Examinees

01 Milk: Rich in protein and calcium, can provide all kinds of amino acids needed by the brain, daily drinking can enhance brain vitality.
02 Soybean: It contains vitellin and rich protein. Eating proper amount of soybean or soybean products every day can enhance memory.
03_Egg yolk: Egg yolk contains vitellin and other essential nutrients for brain cells, which can enhance brain vitality.
Fresh fish: rich in protein and calcium, especially unsaturated fatty acids, can decompose cholesterol.
05 apricot: rich in vitamin A, C, can effectively improve blood circulation, ensure adequate brain blood supply, help to improve memory.
Auricularia auricula: It contains protein, fat, polysaccharides, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. It is a good tonic for brain.
Cabbage: Rich in vitamin B to prevent brain fatigue.