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The effect and role of rock sugar

01 1 The appearance of rock sugar is white and transparent, and it has a specific regular shape. One of the well-known functions of rock sugar is that it can moisten the lungs and cough. The sugar candy and the pear drink boiled water, the function of cough and lungs is simply God, and the taste is also
02 2 Sugar can also be used as an excipient for some dishes. It can also be used to cook soup to improve the taste. When cooking some cream, rock sugar is also an indispensable part, and some sugar can be added to the longan soup.
03 3 rock sugar can also be used to make “sugar coat”. The famous coat of candy candied haws is made from rock candy, and the tonics such as rock candy are also more nutritious because of rock sugar. The storage time of rock sugar is longer and does not deteriorate.
04 It should be noted that because rock sugar has a high sugar content, it cannot be taken in large quantities. Especially for diabetic patients, rock sugar is a taboo food. Eating only will aggravate the condition. Children should also eat less rock sugar, otherwise