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Four Points to Pay Attention to Diet in Wanting to Lactate

01 Food should be mixed with dry food, such as staple food, vegetables, etc. to ensure the supply of nutrition, thin soup can ensure the supply of water.
02. The combination of buckwheat and vegetable can avoid preference for different kinds and quantities of nutrients contained in different foods. The human body needs many kinds of nutrients. Only by fully ingesting food can we meet the needs of the body. It is recommended to eat at least 50 kinds of food a week.
03 Light and suitable food should be eaten after delivery. Light and suitable, that is, seasoning such as onion, garlic, pepper, wine, chili should be less than the amount of ordinary people, salt should also be less.
Attention should be paid to regulating the spleen and stomach postpartum should eat some food to invigorate the spleen and appetite, promote digestion and increase appetite. Such as hawthorn, yam, jujube and so on. Hawthorn can appetize and help digestion, and promote uterine recovery.