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Can genital warts be cured?

01 1 Condyloma acuminata is a disease that can be cured in life, but patients should pay attention to the high probability of recurrence of this disease, and it is often easy to repeat in the usual, and the course of disease is relatively long, so we treat this disease first.
02 2 The treatment of condyloma acuminata can be treated with drugs. For example, antiviral drugs can be used. You can use dingding cream. Or use herpes net ointment, then apply it outside, then take oral guanosine.
03 3 After the emergence of this disease of genital warts, it is necessary to strengthen the care of patients in their daily lives. For example, our family and friends should encourage patients more, and we must distinguish patients' daily necessities from their own.
04 It is best for patients with genital warts not to eat starchy or sugary foods, or some more irritating foods, such as chili or ginger.