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It is effective to drink less Shanjia Liuxing Decoction in postpartum milk

01. Breast milk is the best food for infants and young children. For young mothers with insufficient milk after childbirth, it is the best choice to drink medicated diet to promote breast milk. Among many traditional folk lactation soups, Pangolin King Buliuxing soup has a good effect.
02 Pangolin King Buliuxing Decoction is a popular folk "milk prescription". It has been recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica that "pangolin, Wang Buliu, women eat milk long flow", which fully illustrates the effect of this method. Take pangolin 100g, Wang Bu left 50g, Tongcao 30g, clean them, put them together in a casserole, add water, slowly boil for about 1 hour, pour out, each time 100 ml soup, the rest into the refrigerator, the next day to drink.
03. Pangolin armor can activate blood circulation and dredge collaterals, reduce swelling and swelling of lower breast; Wang Buhuixing, also known as Mailancai, has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dredging meridians, relieving swelling and pain, and promoting lactation; the main effect of Tongcao is also breast-dredging. The combination of the three medicines has a significant effect on the puerpera with more milk but no breast obstruction. For the puerpera with less milk, some medicines for tonifying qi and blood can be added, such as Astragalus membranaceus, Codonopsis pilosula, etc.
04 However, there are some noteworthy points in the use of galactagogue soup by parturients. Healthy mothers, if they can secrete milk naturally within 3 days, do not need special lactation. If there is no milk or too little milk after 3 days, you can eat lactation soup, especially for some women with weaker constitution. It is more appropriate to use the method of lactation as early as possible. Generally, it is more appropriate to start lactation on the third day after delivery. It should be reminded that for malt and malt essence which may lead to milk return, mothers should avoid eating as much as possible, and do not put salt in lactation soup. If the mothers feel that the taste is not good, they can use honey and other condiments to take.