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What is the reason for the heart rate being too fast?

01 1 Normal people's pulse and heartbeat are consistent. The frequency of pulse is affected by age and gender. Infants are 120~140 times per minute. Children are 90~100 times per minute. School-age children are 80~90 times per minute. Adults average 70 per minute.
02 2 The cause of excessive heart rate is mostly functional, and can also be seen in organic heart disease and extracardiac factors. Its production is mainly related to sympathetic excitation and decreased vagal tone. Physiological heart rate is too fast: physiological heart rate is too fast
03 3 Age is also a factor, children's heart rate is often faster. Pathological heart rate is too fast: such as systemic diseases: high fever, anemia, hypoxia, infection, hyperthyroidism, pain, acute rheumatic fever, beriberi and neurosis