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Drink light soup before giving milk after delivery

01 Just after giving birth, what kind of soup does the new mother drink to help her body and milk? Is it really good to start with chicken soup, fish soup and broth piled up?
Experienced doctors will remind new mothers that if they have a normal birth, they can eat a normal diet, eat some digestible food, and drink some light soup in the first two days after delivery, such as lean broth, yuan Zi soup, Luffa slice soup, gifted fish soup, vegetable soup, tomato and eggs soup, and in the afternoon and evening, you can eat some tremella red jujube soup or water. Juice. At this time to feed the baby, at least eight times a day, the newborn infants eat less milk, at this time there will be milk deposition.
03. Chop soup can be drunk 3-4 days after delivery. If you feel milk is insufficient, you can drink Happy Head Fish soup. After 5-6 days, you can drink pork foot Soup for milk. Hen soup contains high estrogen, which is not conducive to milk, and should not be drunk within a week after delivery.
04 Gifted fish soup is beneficial to wound healing and suitable for cesarean section mothers. It is not advisable to eat Xitou Fish Soup before the wound heals.