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Three foods that best drive sleepiness away

01. Eat food with strong odor. For example, peppers and vanilla can eliminate sleepiness by stimulating the sensory organs with odors. Drinking lemon juice or Kuding tea can help to wake up the brain.
02_Eat food with exciting effects. Take coffee as an example. The caffeine in coffee has a very strong bitter taste, which can temporarily drive away sleepiness and restore energy by stimulating the central nervous system. Chocolate is not only more refreshing than coffee, but also improves memory. Dairy products, though not immediately drowsy, can slowly sober people up.
03 Eating itself has no effect, through the way of eating food to solve difficulties. Although there are no exciting ingredients, such as squid shreds and chewing gum, repeated chewing exercises can stimulate the brain to secrete serotonin, and the harder the food, the more refreshing it will be.