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Complete recipe for moon-sitting in winter

Pregnancy is not something we can control ourselves, so when to give birth is not our own decision. Many people will sit on the moon in winter. Sitting on the moon in cold winter is also a challenge. In addition to keeping clean during the month, mothers who have just given birth to their babies can not lose their nutrition and diet. Team, but also to combine the winter season to carry out meal matching, so for winter mothers, what food and nutrition is essential, let's look at the winter menu of mothers.
Winter sitting on the moon recipe 1, asparagus and beef willow. When mothers have a better appetite, they can choose to make some meat-vegetable dishes to supplement their energy and nutrition. Beef is a good choice, so I recommend this asparagus beef willow.
Recipe two, fish porridge. Within three days of delivery, the body was extremely weak, usually thirsty and appetite was poor. This is because in the production process of blood and water loss, it is best to eat liquid or semi-liquid food. It's a good choice to eat fish porridge at this time. It's both nutritious and tasty.
Recipe 3: Date, pig's feet and peanut soup. In fact, this recipe can be eaten in the second week after delivery. At that time, the wounds of mothers healed almost, and the appetite had been opened. At this time, blood tonic has become an important link, so choose this soup which can tonify blood: jujube, pig's feet and peanut soup.
When sitting in the month in winter, the puerpera should use diet and nourishment during the month to supplement the energy consumed during childbirth. But to be able to "delicious, sleepy, good mood", the premise is good health, do not have too much pressure.