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Four Kinds of Food Material Suitable for Cooking Soup

01 Lotus root. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cold of raw lotus root has the function of clearing away heat and disturbance, changing from cool to warm after boiling, nourishing stomach, nourishing yin and invigorating spleen and invigorating qi. Lotus root and kidney bean soup can improve sleep quality, and cook soup with spareribs can invigorate the spleen and appetite, which is suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach to nourish and nourish health. It should be reminded that it is better to use ceramics or stainless steel utensils to stew lotus root for a long time, avoid using iron pot, and try not to cut lotus root with iron knife to avoid its oxidation and blackening.
02 White radish. White radish is good for stomach, Qi and digestion. It promotes bile secretion and helps digest fat. Mustard oil and dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help waste discharge in the body. Therefore, white radish cooked soup with spareribs, beef, mutton and pork hooves not only invigorates Qi and smoothes qi, but also alleviates greasy feeling. If you don't want the spicy taste of white radish to be too heavy, don't cover the soup tightly.
03_Potatoes. Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and other nutrients, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and alleviate constipation. Fresh potatoes can still remain lumpy in water after boiling. They taste very noodles, so they are suitable for making soup. The most common is the cabbage soup in Western food, also known as borscht soup. Potatoes, carrots, laver heads, onions, beef are cooked together, sour and sweet appetizer. In addition, potato and beef soup is also one of the most classic collocations, it is full of delicious, but also invigorate the spleen and stomach.
04 kelp. Laminaria japonica contains alginate, alginic acid and other substances, which can reduce blood pressure and lipid, and also has hemostatic effect on arterial hemorrhage. In addition, kelp is rich in a variety of trace elements, such as iodine, iron and calcium. Kelp can be cooked with tofu, shrimp, spareribs, peanuts, pig's feet, etc. or without any ingredients. It is also very delicious to cook soup with kelp directly.