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Did you catch the easy mistake of cooking soup?

Some people are always afraid that the soup is too short and tasteless. In fact, if it is to cook broth, the best time is half an hour to one hour, so as to ensure both taste and nutrition. Overtime increases the purine content in soup, increases the risk of gout, and slowly loses nutrients in food. If it is stewed bone soup or pig hoof soup, the time can be appropriately prolonged, but not more than 3 hours.
02. Many people like to add "ingredients" randomly. They hope to supplement by drinking soup, so they will add some Chinese herbal medicines when they cook soup. But different Chinese medicines have different characteristics. Before boiling soup, we must be familiar with the cold, heat, temperature and cooling of Chinese medicines. For example, American ginseng is slightly cool, ginseng, angelica, Codonopsis miltiorrhiza are mild, and Chinese wolfberry is mild. In addition, Chinese herbal medicines should be selected according to the individual's physical condition. For example, people with excessive cold should choose angelica, Codonopsis pilosula and other warm Chinese medicines, but people with hot constitution may catch fire after eating. Therefore, if you want to add Chinese herbal medicines in the soup, you'd better according to your constitution.
03, reluctant to add water is the key to cook soup. It is not only the medium of heat transfer, but also the solvent of food. The first mistake people make when cooking soup is not enough water, which results in adding water halfway and affects the flavor of soup. Generally, the amount of water added to the soup should be at least three times the weight of the ingredients. If water is really needed in the middle of the way, hot water is better than cold water, which has the least effect on the flavor of soup.
04 Salt is one of the most important condiments in soup making. Some people think that adding salt early can make salt completely "blend" into food and soup and improve the taste of soup, which is actually a misunderstanding. Because the salt put too early will make the protein in the meat solidify, not easy to dissolve, will also make the soup dark, the concentration is not enough. Late salt does not affect the taste of the soup, but it keeps the meat fresh and tender. So it's better to add salt when you're out of the pot.
When you like to cook soup in a big fire, you should first boil the soup in a big fire and then turn it into a gentle fire soup. Because the fire will cause the water loss in the meat to be too fast, which will make the meat taste worse. The best way to control the fire is to boil the soup slightly.