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Six reminders for men that drinking does not hurt their bodies

01_The ideal speed of drinking is not exceeding the capacity of liver. The liver decomposes alcohol at a rate of about 10 milliliters per hour, which is contained in wine. The amount of pure alcohol (ethanol) can be calculated by the degree indicated on the label of the bottle. For example, 250 milliliters of alcohol with 16% alcoholicity, 250 milliliters by 0.16 = 40 milliliters, the amount of alcohol is 40 milliliters. If a person spends four hours drinking, the average alcohol intake per hour is 10 milliliters, just in line with the speed of liver processing. Drinking at this rate can minimize the burden of alcohol on the liver.
02. Drinking clear water and restoring the water balance in vivo can change the water balance inside and outside the body cells. Usually, two-thirds of the body's water is in the cells, but when alcohol increases, the water in the cells will move into the blood vessels, so although the water in the whole body remains unchanged, it will also feel thirsty because the water in the cells decreases. Whatever the reason, it's right to absorb enough water. Since ancient times, "sobering water" has been one of the ways to alleviate the discomfort after drinking. Mixing three pinches of salt into a full glass of water and drinking it at once will stimulate the stomach and make food vomit easily.
03_Drinking sports drinks and fruit juices is also effective for excessive drinking. When waking up the next morning, the voice often feels thirsty. At this time, there are residual alcohol and harmful substance acetaldehyde in the body, so we should find ways to expel it as soon as possible. Beverages containing inorganic salts and sugars not only have the function of water replenishment, but also have the function of eliminating alcohol in the body. Sports drinks and fruit juices are very effective, especially sports drinks, whose components are close to human body fluids and are easily absorbed by human body. They are not only effective for hangovers, but also can prevent excessive intoxication if they are drunk together. In addition, tea containing tea polyphenols and vitamin C, or lemonade with honey and lemon juice, is also effective for hangovers. It should be noted that no matter what kind of beverage, if it is too cold, the active ingredients are not easily absorbed, so it should be drinked at room temperature or warm.
04 Eat persimmon, help decompose alcohol persimmon is rich in fructose and vitamin C fruit, has been used in ancient times as an effective food to prevent drunkenness and eliminate hangovers. Sweet persimmon contains astringent ingredients, which can decompose alcohol; the potassium contained in it has diuretic effect. Persimmon leaves also contain vitamin C dozens of times as much as citrus leaves. Their tender buds can be fried and eaten, or dried to make persimmon leaf tea.
05. Eat more shellfish and strengthen the detoxification of liver. Take shellfish as an example. Its nutrient composition, protein content can be compared with that of eggs. Moreover, because it contains balanced essential amino acids, it will not burden the liver and promote the liver to restore its function. Shellfish food is usually rich in vitamin B12, taurine and glycogen. Vitamin B12 and glycogen also play an important role in promoting liver function. Taurine in amino acids can activate the detoxification of the liver when combined with bile acid.
06. Drinking aloe juice can reduce the concentration of blood acetaldehyde. The green part of aloe with thorns and its internal colloid contain polysaccharides, glycoproteins and other substances, which can reduce the concentration of acetaldehyde in blood after alcoholic decomposition. Therefore, before drinking, if you drink some aloe juice, it is very effective to prevent headache, nausea, blush and other symptoms after drinking. In addition, aloin, the bitter ingredient in aloe, has a stomach-strengthening effect and can treat nausea and nausea caused by hangovers.
07_Eat protein-rich foods, reduce the burden of the liver protein and fat in the stomach stay for the longest time, so it is most suitable for serving wine and vegetables. In order to avoid eating too much high protein food leading to obesity, it is best to choose fish and shellfish, lean meat, chicken, bean products, eggs, cheese and so on. Dairy products such as milk and cheese, eggs, tofu, scallops, and soups made from these foods, which contain high-quality protein, are beneficial to liver function and do not burden the stomach. Some people like to eat heavy-tasting food after drinking, such as oil-rich ramen, which will burden the gastrointestinal tract and prolong the discomfort of drunkenness. Therefore, fruit, milk with honey, yogurt, eggs and other digestible foods should be selected to improve liver function.