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The efficacy and function of yam bean

Before we understand the efficacy and effect of yam, we must know what yam beans are!
Many people actually know about yam, but many people don't know yam beans. In normal times, the nutrition of yam beans is very much, and the practice is very much. It is very delicious.
In life, there are quite a lot of practices about yam beans. For example, you can fry yam beans to make fried yam bean balls, which can be made into yam bean medicinal soup, and you can also make delicious yam bean candy candied haw.
The efficacy and effect of yam beans are quite a lot, but eating yam beans is also more stressful. Eating yam beans must eat fresh yam beans. The medicinal value of yam beans stored for too long will be reduced, and a lot of vitamins will be lost.
There is also a sprouted yam bean. Don't eat it. Once it sprouts, the yam bean will start to take root. In the process, the nutrients of the yam bean are in the beginning of the substance conversion in the role of growth hormone, and will also be produced for our body.