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How Should Animal Livers Eat Healthily

01 Rinse the animal liver under tap water for a few minutes, then immerse it in cold water for 30 minutes, then remove it and wash it in clear water. If you need to eat immediately, you can cut the liver into pieces, put it in clear water, gently grasp and wash it with your hands, then take it out and put it in a plastic or metal leaky basin, and rinse it under the tap. When cooking, we must cook and fry thoroughly so that the liver is completely grey-brown and blood silk can not be seen, so as to ensure food safety.
02 Food animals should pay attention to the degree of liver. Take pig liver as an example. Take it twice a week, 50-100 grams each time, which can meet the needs of iron and vitamin A.
03. When eating animal liver, especially pig liver, we should eat less other foods with high saturated fatty acids, such as animal oil, fat, butter, whole milk, etc. to avoid the saturated fatty acids in these foods to promote the absorption of cholesterol in pig liver. You can eat some soybean and soybean products while eating pig liver, because the structure of soybean sterol contained in it is similar to cholesterol, which can reduce the absorption of cholesterol by the human body.