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How to snoring without sputum

01 1 First of all, for the treatment of snoring, in fact, there is no need to use medical treatment. If the patient needs some improvement in the habits of daily life, then most of the snoring can disappear on its own. If it is serious, it needs to be carried out.
02 2 Secondly, avoid the method of snoring. Do not engage in stimulating activities before going to bed, and use the pillow correctly. If the pillow is used incorrectly, it may cause the patient's breathing to be unsmooth. At this time, there will be snoring.
03 3 Finally, weight loss, most obese patients actually have snoring, which is actually because their nasal polyps are relatively large, this time will affect their breathing, which will lead to snoring when sleeping.
04 There are many ways to solve snoring. It is still necessary for patients to start from life and do these basic things in life. Then there will be very few snoring situations, and at the same time, it is also necessary to snoring.