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What is the fastest blood tonic for anemia?

For patients with anemia, the fastest way to replenish blood is to take orally iron rim tablets and strengthen iron supplementation in diet. Usually anemia will improve in about two months. Anemia belongs to the category of "deficiency syndrome" in traditional Chinese medicine. Deficiency syndrome often includes blood deficiency, Qi deficiency, Yin deficiency, Yang deficiency and so on. Patients can choose appropriate dietary therapy according to their condition: gill 1, longan meat 15 grams, red dates 3-5, japonica rice 100 grams. Cook porridge and warm clothes. Effectiveness: nourishing the heart and spleen, nourishing and strengthening. Gill 2, fresh sheep bone 2 kg (1000 g), japonica rice 200 g. Wash and hammer sheep bones, add water to boil soup, remove dregs, and cook porridge into japonica rice. Medium amount of rice warm clothes, 10-15 days for a course of treatment. Function: Kidney tonifying and bone strengthening. Gill 3, 100 grams of brown glutinous rice, 50 grams of Coix seed and 15 jujubes. Cook congee together. Add proper amount of sugar when eating. Function: nourishing Yin and nourishing blood. Gill 4, 60 grams of Radix Polygoni Multiflori, 3-5 jujubes and 100 grams of Japonica rice. Firstly, decoct the concentrated juice of Radix Polygoni Multiflori, remove the residue, add jujube and japonica rice to boil porridge, then add the porridge, add the brown sugar, and then boil it for one or two times. Warm clothing. Shouwu should not use iron utensils. When frying soup and cooking porridge, it should use a small pot or enamel pot. Function: Tonifying liver and kidney, nourishing blood and regulating deficiency. Gill 5, eggs 2, take the yolk scattered, boil water first add a little salt, cook into the yolk, drink twice a day.
02 Recommend the following seven kinds of home blood tonic food: _1, black beans: In ancient times, China has always thought that eating beans is beneficial, most books will introduce black beans can make people's hair black, in fact, black beans can also produce blood. Black beans are eaten according to everyone's preferences. If it is after delivery, black beans are recommended to cook black-bone chicken. _2. Nostoc flagelliforme: The color of Nostoc flagelliforme is very black and not good-looking, but the iron content in Nostoc flagelliforme is higher. Cooking soup with Nostoc flagelliforme can replenish blood. 3. Carrots: Carrots contain high levels of vitamin B and C, and also contain a special nutrient - carotene. Carotene is very useful for tonifying blood. Boiling soup with carrots is a good tonic soup drink. But many people don't like carrots. My personal practice is to squeeze carrots and add honey as a drink.
03_4, gluten: This is a kind of folk food. Vegetarian restaurants and halogen stalls are generally available, and the iron content of gluten is quite abundant. The blood must be supplemented with iron first. 5, broccoli: broccoli contains the largest amount of iron, 20 times higher than the familiar spinach, rich in iron, and broccoli also contains rich vitamin A, B1, C, protein, fat and colchicine and other nutrients. Gi 6, Longan meat: Longan meat is longan meat, which is sold in any supermarket. Longan meat contains not only abundant iron, but also vitamin A, B, glucose and sucrose. At the same time, it can also treat amnesia, palpitation, neurasthenia and insomnia. Longan soup, longan gum and longan wine are also good blood tonic foods. 7, dried radish: dried radish is a useful vegetable, it contains vitamin B is very rich, iron content is very high. So it's the least impressive, cheapest, but the best health food. It has more iron than any other food except broccoli.