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What soup do pregnant women drink in winter?

The day before yesterday, my wife went to the hospital to check and found that she was pregnant. The family were very happy. Just like this time, I was relatively idle. I didn't have much business, so I could concentrate on taking care of my wife. The elder sister in the Department said that it was winter now. It was a good time for pregnant women to cook some soup to make up their health. It could not only keep warm but also supplement nutrition. It was good for both adults and children. I'd like to know which soups are suitable for pregnant women to drink in winter and how to make them. I don't usually cook very much. I hope I can recommend something that is easy to learn.
Expectant mothers should adjust their diet more, balance their nutritional intake, and lay a good foundation for the growth and development of their babies. Some pregnant women's appetite is always not good, soup is the best choice for pregnant mothers to supplement nutrition. Drinking a bowl of hot soup in cold winter can not only help us warm up, but also help us to supplement nutrition.
Guiyuan medlar crucian carp soup. The main effect of this soup is to help pregnant women to supplement the trace elements such as calcium and iron, which are easily absorbed by their babies. The food is also very simple, just need a crucian carp, some longan meat, medlar, jujube and Huaishan, all the ingredients will be stewed in the pot together, after it is cooked, add some seasoning can be out of the pot.
Radish sheep bone soup, so-called winter eat radish summer eat ginger, white radish can clear heat and detoxify, improve constipation. It's also good for pregnant women to drink turnip soup in winter. Prepare sheep bones, radish, scallion and ginger. Cut the sheep bones into pieces, boil the water to remove the fishy smell, then boil the sheep bones in a pot, and finally boil them with scallions, ginger and radish for two hours. Finally, salt and other seasonings can be added.
Winter is a good time to nourish health. Pregnant women drink some soup in winter to supplement nutrition and enhance resistance. But when cooking soup, we should pay attention to the types of soup according to the pregnancy cycle of pregnant women. We can also make some soup with specific functions according to pregnant women's own conditions.