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Why can't babies eat adult food too early?

01 Safety is low, many eating skills are not yet mastered by the baby, such as not chewing, grinding the longer fibers in vegetables, do not know how to separate fish spines, so the baby 24 months ago should not be allowed to eat adult food too early.
02_Nutrition deficiency is due to the inadequate preparation of food for adults, which makes it difficult for babies to absorb. Secondly, infants and young children are the fastest growing period in their lives. The demand for nutrition is relatively higher than adults, especially for protein, iron, zinc, calcium and various vitamins.
03_Adults'food which is not conducive to healthy dietary habits of babies often adds more flavoring agents, which can easily make babies develop salty or sweet habits and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the future; and overweight taste can easily make babies develop the habit of picky and partial eating, resulting in unbalanced diet. Baby's taste is sensitive, natural light food is the real delicacy of baby.