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Which foods should not be seasoned with vinegar

01 When stir-fried vegetables are not suitable to stir-fry them with vinegar, the bright green color of the vegetables will be lost if the vinegar seasoning is added, thus affecting the sensory properties of the vegetables. This is because the chlorophyll in green vegetables is very unstable when heated under acidic conditions. Magnesium ion in the molecule can be replaced by hydrogen ion in acid to form demagnesium chlorophyll. In addition, Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin C, which is easy to oxidize under alkaline conditions. Therefore, when stir-frying vegetables, it is not appropriate to put vinegar, but to stir-fry them quickly under neutral conditions.
02 Stewed bones should not be added with vinegar bone soup, which is a good source of calcium, zinc, phosphorus and other mineral elements. When stewing bone soup without vinegar, the escaped mineral elements are in the form of organic complexes; if adding vinegar, although the leaching of mineral elements can be slightly increased, it can make most of the escaped elements exist in the form of inorganic ions in acidic environment, which directly affects the absorption rate of the body, because of minerals. The absorptivity of organic complexes of elements is 3-4 times higher than that of inorganic ions. Therefore, vinegar should not be added to the stewed bones.