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Effectiveness and Function of Chrysanthemum Tea

01 Chrysanthemum tea can clear away heat and heat. Chrysanthemum tea is the best antipyretic medicine, such as acne, throat inflammation, exogenous wind fever, headache, oral ulcer and other diseases caused by drying and burning, as long as the appropriate amount of drinking chrysanthemum tea can effectively achieve the effect of reducing fire. Gills prevent eye fatigue. Usually you can brew a cup of chrysanthemum tea to drink, can make the symptoms of eye fatigue subside, if you drink three to four cups of chrysanthemum tea every day, to restore vision is also helpful. It is clear and bright. Drinking chrysanthemum tea in daily life can not only be eye-catching, but also can play a role in refreshing the mind. It is absolutely beneficial for those who work overtime and stay up late. Effectiveness and Function of Chrysanthemum Tea to Prevent Radiation. Drinking chrysanthemum tea in daily life helps to prevent radiation. For most office workers, if they often spend too much time in front of the computer, they should drink more Chrysanthemum tea, which can resist the radiation of the computer.
02 sterilization and anti-inflammation. Drinking chrysanthemum tea can help the human body fight against multiple viruses and bacteria, and can achieve a good inhibition effect. Gill eliminates eye edema. For friends who often stay up late, there will be edema in their eyes after getting up in the morning. Chrysanthemum tea can be used to eliminate edema. A suitable amount of chrysanthemum tea can be dipped in a cotton swab and applied around the eyes, which can play a role in eliminating edema. It is anti aging. Frequently drink chrysanthemum tea also with anti-aging effect oh, chrysanthemum tea is also a kind of health tea, we can drink more in daily life.