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What is the pain in the back of the ear?

01 1 The first aspect: If it is just a sore ear, it may be caused by getting angry. If you get angry, it may cause sore roots and acne. Recently, pay attention to drink plenty of water. Eat a lighter diet and eat less spicy and irritating food.
02 2 The second aspect: ear pain is actually a common symptom of otitis media. Otitis media is a common cause of earache in children. It often occurs in children under 8 years old, usually caused by upper respiratory tract infections such as common cold or throat infection.
03 3 The third aspect: the reason is due to the performance of neuropathic pain, need active treatment. You can take Shenjin Dan capsule and fenbufen tablets and vitamin B1 tablets and other drugs to try, if necessary, you can go to the hospital nerve
04 4 Fourth aspect: Considering trigeminal neuralgia, it hurts, has inflammation, is not a serious illness, don't eat too hard and too irritating things on weekdays, drink plenty of water, sleep early, if you want to be faster, go to the hospital
05 5 Fifth aspect: There is a pain in the ear, which is more common in the presence of otitis externa infection or bloating. It may also be caused by hyperemia of the tympanic membrane. Acute infections such as acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis may cause radiation pain in the ear.
06 6 Sixth aspect: It is best to go to the hospital for ENT examination to determine the condition and take symptomatic treatment. Usually pay attention to avoid ear water and dig the ear to cause infection in the external auditory canal. If it is caused by inflammation, you can take appropriate