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Iron-containing food

01 1 First, the animal's liver: the animal's liver is a kind of food with extremely high iron content. We often eat chicken liver, beef liver, pig liver, liver, etc. These livers
02 2 Secondly, soybeans and their products: the products of soybeans and soybeans contain a lot of nutrients. It is a must-have for children to grow up, and we adults are also in great need of such foods.
03 3 Then, fungus and mushrooms: The iron content of the fungus is also extremely high. It contains up to 185 mg of iron per 100 grams, which is the best product we use to supplement blood. In addition, like mushrooms, kelp,
04 There are a lot of foods with high iron content in our food, but some have high utilization rate, like animal liver, and some have low utilization rate, like eggs. If we find ourselves lack iron or suffering