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Eating vegetables like this is a waste of time.

01 Many people buy many vegetables at a time and leave them at home because they are busy with their work. In fact, fresh vegetables can not be stored for too long. Vegetables that take too long will lose a lot of vitamins. Spinach, for example, loses 84% of its vitamin C when it is stored for one day at 20 degrees Celsius. Vegetables should be stored in dark, ventilated and dry places if necessary.
In daily life, many people like to cut vegetables before washing them. In fact, it is not scientific to do so. As a result, a large number of vitamins in vegetables are lost in water, causing waste.
03 [Cooking time is too long] When boiling vegetables in water, we should wait for water to boil before adding vegetables, and the boiling time should not be too long to reduce the loss of vitamin C. When cooking, don't put alkali in order to keep the color, because alkali will break the nutrients in vegetables.
04 [stir-frying vegetables with small fire] It is better not to stir-fry vegetables with small fire, stir-fry vegetables with large fire, vitamin C loss is only 15%. If the vegetables are fried and stewed for a while, the vitamins will be lost by 60%. Therefore, it is better to stir-fry vegetables on high heat and add as little water as possible.