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Misunderstanding of eating eggs

01. The darker the eggshell is, the higher the nutritional value is. Many people buy eggs only with red shells, which is said to be of high nutritional value, but this is not the case. The color of eggshell is mainly determined by a substance called "porphyrin of eggshell", which has no nutritional value. The results showed that the nutritional value of eggs depended on the dietary nutritional structure of chickens. Gills evaluate the quality of protein, mainly the protein content in the protein (egg white). From the sensory point of view, the thicker the egg white, the higher the protein content, the better the protein quality. Gill yolks are dark and light in color, ranging from light yellow to orange. The color of egg yolk is related to the pigments it contains. The main pigments in yolk are lutein, zeaxanthin, lutein, carotene and riboflavin. The color of yolk usually only indicates the amount of pigment. Some pigments, such as lutein and carotene, can be converted into vitamin A in vivo. Therefore, under normal circumstances, eggs with darker yolk have better nutrition.
02. How to eat eggs is the same nutrition. There are many ways to eat eggs, such as boiling, steaming, frying and stir-frying. In terms of nutrient absorption and digestibility, boiled and steamed eggs are 100%, fried tenderly 98%, scrambled eggs 97%, poached eggs 92.5%, fried old 81.1%, and eaten raw 30%-50%. From this point of view, boiled and steamed eggs should be the best way to eat.
03. Fried eggs have better flavor than monosodium glutamate. The eggs themselves contain a lot of glutamic acid and a certain amount of chlorination. Sodium glutamate, which is the main component of monosodium glutamate, produces a new substance after heating. It has a very pure and delicious taste. If monosodium glutamate is put into scrambled eggs, the natural flavor of the eggs will be destroyed by the decomposition of monosodium glutamate. Therefore, MSG should not be put into scrambled eggs.
04. The longer the eggs are boiled, the better. To prevent the eggs from bursting in the boiling, wash the eggs and soak them in a pot with water for 1 minute. Bring them to a boil over a small fire. After cooking, cook gently for 8 minutes. Do not boil for too long, otherwise, ferrous ions in egg yolk will react with sulfur ions to form Brown precipitation of ferrous sulfide, which hinders the absorption of iron by human body. Gill eggs are boiled for too long. Ferrous ions in yolk combine with sulfur ions in protein to form insoluble ferrous sulfide, which is difficult to absorb. Fried eggs are too old, the edges will be scorched, and the high molecular protein contained in the egg white will become low molecular amino acids, which can often form chemicals harmful to human health at high temperature.
Eating eggs with soy milk is a nutritious way for many people. In the morning, when they drink soy milk, they eat an egg or beat eggs in soy milk to boil. Soybean milk flavor Ganping, containing plant protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients, drinking alone has a good tonic effect. But there is a special substance in soybean milk called trypsin. If the soybean milk is not fully cooked, it will combine with egg albumin in the egg white, which will cause the loss of nutrient components and reduce the nutritional value of both. But if the soybean milk is cooked, there is no such risk.