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The wrong way to eat eggs

01. The more eggs a parturient eats, the better the parturient's physical strength is consumed, digestion and absorption function is weakened, and detoxification function of liver is reduced. A large amount of consumption will lead to an increase in the burden of liver and kidney, resulting in adverse consequences. Eating too much protein will also produce a large number of ammonia, phenol and other chemical substances in the intestinal tract, which is very harmful to the human body. It is prone to abdominal distension, dizziness, limb fatigue, coma and other symptoms, leading to "protein poisoning syndrome". The intake of protein should be calculated according to the digestion and absorption function of human body. Normally, three or so eggs a day is enough for a pregnant woman.
02. Old people avoid eating eggs. Because eggs contain high cholesterol, it has been popular that old people avoid eating eggs. Scientific experiments in recent years have proved that this statement is unreasonable. Gill yolk is rich in lecithin, which is a powerful emulsifier. It can make cholesterol and fat particles become very fine, and be fully utilized by cells through the vascular wall, thereby reducing blood cholesterol. Moreover, the lecithin in egg yolk can release choline after digestion, enter the blood and then synthesize acetylcholine, which is the main substance of neurotransmitter, can improve brain function and enhance memory.
03 Functional eggs are better than ordinary eggs with the development of science and technology. Various "functional eggs" rich in zinc, iodine, selenium and calcium came out. In fact, not all people are suitable for functional eggs. Because not everyone lacks the nutrients contained in functional eggs. Therefore, consumers should be targeted when choosing functional eggs, what to eat and what not to blindly supplement.
04 Raw eggs are more nutritious Some people think that eating raw eggs has the effect of moistening the lungs and moisturizing the voice. In fact, eating raw eggs is not only unsanitary, easy to cause bacterial infections, but also not more nutritious. Raw eggs contain anti-biotin proteins, which affect the absorption of biotin in food. They are prone to appetite loss, general weakness, muscle pain, skin inflammation, eyebrow dropping and other "biotin deficiency". The protein structure of raw eggs is compact and contains antitryptase. Most of them can not be absorbed by human body. Only when cooked, the protein becomes soft and more beneficial to human digestion and absorption. In addition, raw eggs have a special fishy smell, which can also cause central nervous system depression and reduce the secretion of digestive juice such as saliva, gastric juice and intestinal juice, leading to loss of appetite and indigestion. Therefore, eggs should be cooked at high temperature before eating, do not eat uncooked eggs.
05. Eggs are boiled with sugar. In many places, it is customary to eat sugar-water-poached eggs. In fact, boiling eggs and sugar together will make the amino acids in egg protein form a fructosyl lysine complex. This substance is not easily absorbed by the human body, and will have adverse effects on health.