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Eat instant noodles often to the end!

01 Lack of nutrition, damage brain activity Scientific research shows that to maintain and improve the normal physiological function of the brain, there must be lecithin, protein, sugar, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and B vitamins and other eight major nutrients. On the other hand, nutrient elements such as lecithin, vitamins and minerals in convenience foods are very low, which is harmful to brain development and thinking activities.
02 Gill studies have shown that proper intake of cellulose and calcium can help prevent bowel cancer. Instant noodles and other foods are usually made of refined flour, which is less cellulose and will lose cellulose and minerals during processing. If you eat this kind of food for a long time, you will be prone to bowel cancer because of the lack of cellulose and calcium. As a result of eating too much, more and more people suffer from chronic constipation, feces stay in the large intestine for too long, which is also one of the important factors inducing intestinal cancer.
03 Easy to cause the fragrance and crispness of instant noodles is achieved through frying. People who like dry instant noodles will feel dry and hot after eating instant noodles. In fact, at this time, the fire has begun to extrude in the body. Even if eaten in a soak, more than a certain amount will catch fire.
04 Gastrointestinal dysfunction caused by branching fast food is a lot of fried crisp food, children often eat easily lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, gastrointestinal flatulence, stomachache and other symptoms. Because there are many flavoring agents and additives in crisp foods such as instant noodles, fried chicken, potato chips and so on, frequent consumption will make people taste dull and affect their normal appetite. Generally speaking, children who like instant noodles are more likely to develop partial eating.
05_Easy to lead to obesity and related diseases_Instant noodles after frying, the original rich vitamin B was completely destroyed, instant noodles can basically only provide the calories needed for human activities. Because a piece of instant noodles is small in weight and has no other side dishes, it is often necessary to increase the amount of food eaten to be full, resulting in excessive intake of carbohydrates and fat. Therefore, the frequent use of instant noodles will lead to long-term excessive intake of fat and calories, leading to obesity, and increase the incidence of heart disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other obesity-related diseases.