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Is it better to increase Chinese medicine?

01 1 Its practical drugs are not absolutely effective, so it is still prudent to use drugs to increase the way, want to grow taller, or pay attention to diet and lifestyle habits slowly adjust, usually pay attention to, drink plenty of water, eat more
02 2 In life, wanting to grow taller is inseparable from sports. Usually, you should exercise more actively and actively participate in sports work. Exercise is the best way to promote growth, because the food you eat every day passes through the blood in the body.
03 3 When you have nothing to do with your family, you can choose to do some training methods for your legs. Hurry up, stand up to 35 degrees, hold your head, and squat up. You can’t do it at first, you just insist, time
04 In addition, do not eat cold, hard and degraded food in life, ban spicy spicy stimulating seasonings, do not stay up all night, proper exercise to enhance physical fitness. It is conducive to growth. I wish you health.