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What should I pay attention to in facial abrasions?

01 1 First of all, to ensure the healing of the wounds, those who like to wash their face with facial cleanser will stop using facial cleanser to wash their face, and do not apply skin care products, this will stimulate the skin, eat more fruits, ensure sleep, wounds
02 2 Secondly, when the cockroaches naturally fall off, eat a little more vitamin E capsules, or apply the powder inside the capsule to the wound, which can reduce inflammation. At this time, the usual skin care products can be used.
03 3 Finally, if you are still worried that you will leave a mark, you can eat less food containing soy sauce. Although this is only psychological comfort, it will have a little effect.
04 There will be a little itching when crusting, but don't lick it, let it fall off naturally.